Coastal Refractories

In November 1994, Coastal Refractories, Inc. (now known as Coastal Consulting & Refractories) entered into an agreement with Assistco Energy & Industrial Corporation, Philippines for a transfer of the technical know-how in producing refractories sucha as plastic and ramming mixes, gun mixes, standard and low cement castables, wet and dry bonding mortars, low cement and no-cement castables.

It includes supervision, technical support and an actual field demonstration and/or seminars. This Agreement continues and is being extended every 4 years and the latest of which is up to year 2074.


High density Refractory Castables
Low density Refractory Castables


Lightweight Insulating Castables

Low Cement & Ultra low cement

From low to high alumina content

Plastic Refractory Castable

From low to high alumina content

Bonding Mortars


70M Bonding Mortar

80M Bonding Mortar

Sil Bond Mortar

Customize Refractories

We customize refractories according to your needs.